Tennis leagues stats history of Association of Professional Tennis Players

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Tennis leagues stats history

Tennis league stats (Association of Professional Tennis Players, Association of Professional Tennis Players), the abbreviation ATP – an organization formed in 1972 (a year later a similar association, WTA, founded tennis players) aimed at protecting the interests of professional tennis players. Since 1990, ATP has been organizing a series of men’s tennis competitions under the name ATP Tour.

Tennis leagues stats

Tennis leagues stats

The ATP Tour tournaments include 4 Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open, for which if a player wins he receives 2000 points. Tennis league stats to the ATP ranking. Grand Slam tournaments are the most important events on the tennis calendar. The second rank of men’s tournaments are ATP Tour Masters 1000 tournaments, which consists of 9 tournaments. From 2009, a tournament of this rank in Asia (Shanghai) was played for the first time. A tennis player receives 1000 points for triumph in competitions. to the ranking. tennisleaguestats the third category of men’s competitions are the ATP Tour 500 events, which consists of 11 tournaments, and the fourth category are the ATP Tour 250 tournaments, which consist of 39 competitions. In addition, at the end of the season the best eight among the tennis players rankings in ATP Finals. The ATP cycle is also made up of challenger events, for which – depending on the prize pool – the player receives a certain number of points for the ranking.