Tennis lessons near me – where to start?

Tennis lessons – where to start?

Tennis is a sport that has always been associated with class and elegance. I think everyone has watched a tennis tournament at least once in a lifetime, in which ladies and men in white shirts bounce the ball and run on the court. But tennis is not only a beautiful spectacle, it is also a great effort and excellent technique. It is a sport that greatly affects the development of the whole body, engages almost all muscle groups, and also allows you to maintain your figure in impeccable condition. Is a companion game, it allows for regular sports meetings and trips. Once tennis was a discipline, practiced only by the upper classes, today it is widely available. In Poland, discipline was disseminated by Wojciech Fibak and   Jadwiga Jędrzejewska, stars of the eighties. It is thanks to them that sport has become universal and practiced by people of all ages. Young children can start tennis training, but there is nothing to stop adults from learning. Where do you need to start your adventure with this amazing sport? 

Tennis – what equipment is necessary?

Tennis is a sport that requires the right equipment. The basis is a rocket, which should be tailored to the individual’s needs. A good rocket helps you learn, motivates and helps you master new moves. For a person who starts a new adventure with tennis, the best is a lightweight racket that will not burden your arms and will not cause injury. The weight of the rocket should not be more than 300 g. The beginner’s rocket should also be soft and flexible, with a large head that facilitates rebound. Another parameter that you need to pay attention to is the size of the handle. The rocket must be selected so that it lies well in your hand and does not cause discomfort. The length of the handle is also important, it must be adjusted to the height of the trainee. A good tennis racquet doesn’t have to cost a fortune, you can buy it for PLN 200-300. An important element is the ball. A typical yellow ball is susceptible to damage, which is why in the first stage of training red will be better, which is better under control.   

A comfortable outfit is needed to make the workout enjoyable. Important are shoes that should protect muscles and joints against overload and injuries, as well as provide good adhesion to the ground. A proper depreciation system is important. So that the leg does not sweat, it is worth choosing shoes with good ventilation. In addition to shoes, a training shirt, shorts, or a skirt, comfortable socks and a hat or sun visor will be useful. Tennis clothing is usually white, but of course this is not a condition of successful play.

Where to start learning to play tennis?

Learning to play tennis is not easy, so it’s best to do it under the guidance of an experienced trainer. The trainer should pass the basics of the rules of the game and infect him with this bug. The role of the teacher is to explain all technical requirements, show the technique of held rockets, game tactics, correct body positioning, types of reflections. His role is also to correct errors that can cause injury. To be able to participate in tournaments you must have a very good knowledge of the basics of the game. It requires a lot of time and patience, do not go too quickly to the next stages of learning. The first thing you need to learn in training is to accurately bounce the ball to a designated place. Initially, it may seem simple, but to master the ball well, you need to be very accurate and know the basics of bounce technique. In the first lessons you need to learn good footwork. Remember to jump as you hit the ball and stop when it hits. Rocket hits are very important. Forehand is used in tennis, i.e. a stroke using the inside of the racket in which the ball flies at high speed. The second type of reflection is backhand, i.e. hitting the outside of the rocket. 

It is very important not to set too high requirements at the very beginning, because it may end up discouraging you from playing. It is worth slowly learning all the secrets of the game, give yourself time, do not worry about the initial mistakes. It should be remembered that current tennis celebrities also started from scratch. Nobody was born with a rocket in hand, every professional has practiced for a long time to reach the current level. Maria Sharpova or Victoria Azarenka had to devote a lot of time to win the biggest games and participate in world tournaments. Teaching tennis can take place in group classes or individually, depending on individual preferences. At first, it is better to practice on smaller courts, where you do not need to take strong and long attacks.   

Why choose tennis lessons with an instructor?

In the press or on the Internet you can find information that you can learn to play tennis in a few days by using the available videos. It is not worth believing, because tennis is a demanding discipline, which at the beginning is better to learn with the instructor. Professional trainings will help you understand basic concepts, speed up learning, help you achieve success. After just a few lessons you can master the technique of basic hitting the ball. Tennis schools offer individual, double or group classes. Tennis lessons alone with a coach are recommended for people who want to quickly master the technique, are effective and very intense. Two-person classes are the most popular form of learning, which is characterized by fast pace, exercises in pairs, joint games and mutual motivation for effort. Group training works best for children. It is combined with general development exercises. It is important that the training groups are matched in terms of age and sophistication of the participants. Training methods must also be adapted to the age groups. Children under 6 years of age play, learn about football, develop motor coordination, practice motor skills and the basics of play. They learn cooperation, mutual communication and resistance to failure. The Radwan Sisters began to learn the secrets of the game as a few-year-old. From a young age, their father, Robert Radwański, trained them. As a result, they achieved great global success. In classes for older participants, the main emphasis is on learning and improving technique. In tennis lessons fair play rules are used, which are the basis of the game. The advantage of tennis lessons is that most schools provide rackets, so you do not need to have your own equipment at the beginning of your education.     

How to prepare for a game of tennis?

Tennis is a very intense sport, it requires good physical condition, therefore the body must be well prepared. Learning to play tennis should be combined with regular endurance training and cardio training that will increase lung function. Cycling, running, elliptical cross trainer, swimming are recommended. Exercises that strengthen arms, legs and stomach are also important, so you should include strength training in your activity. Urszula and Agnieszka Radwańska regularly train at the gym and run under the guidance of a trainer. 

What are the benefits of regular tennis?

Tennis, like any sport, has many advantages. It is a discipline known and loved all over the world. It can be grown all year round, indoors or outdoors. In Poland, the biggest tennis icons are the Radwanian sisters, in the world the British Andy Murray, the Swiss tennis player Roger Federer, among women the leading are Russian Maria Sharpova and Belarusian Victoria Azarenka The advantages of playing tennis are undeniable, affecting both physical and mental health. It helps to develop all body parts, perfectly shapes the body, burns large amounts of calories. Regular play reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects the heart, lowers sugar levels, and increases lung function. You can’t forget about how you feel. Tennis greatly reduces stress, allows you to get rid of negative emotions, and also shapes your character. Teaches you how to deal with stress, helps you relax and forget about everyday problems. The game supports thinking, teaches tactical thinking, which is especially useful for young people. It increases self-esteem, teaches reflex and self-discipline, i.e. shapes traits that will facilitate everyday functioning. Regular trainers have been shown to have less susceptibility to stress and depression, are satisfied with life and full of energy. The game releases a large dose of endorphins, improves mood, affects a positive attitude to life.       

As you can see, tennis is a sport for everyone. In addition to physical development, it greatly affects emotions, which is why it is recommended for young children. It is a sport that has a long tradition, is associated with culture and fair play. There is no place for uncultural culture, scuffles or insults. It is often cultivated by business people who discuss business matters or celebrate the company’s success during court meetings . Sport is demanding, but tennis lessons with a good coach allow you to master the rules and basic moves. They are a great escape from everyday problems, so you should convince yourself of this discipline. It can quickly become a favorite sport for life.